In 1946, Jacob Geib and his sons Fred and Robert established Camp Graylag. They assembled 500 acres of undeveloped woodland and waterfront on Wild Goose Pond and created a summer retreat for boys ages 7 to 14. Graylag began operations in the summer of 1949.

According to the 1950 Camp Graylag brochure, “Years ago, Europeans observed that the wild goose was the last bird to migrate south in autumn. Because it was gray and because it lagged behind the others, they called it the Graylag Goose. The camp situated on the shores of Wild Goose Pond takes its name from the Continental term for this bird, which symbolizes the free spirit of the out-of-doors.”

In 1952, basketball legend Bob Cousy of the Boston Celtics became a partner in Camp Graylag. From that time, the camp specialized in basketball. It had the largest outdoor floodlit courts in New England, (which still exist here today) where Bob Cousy and other great players and coaches of the time instructed campers in fine points of the game.

After twenty-three successful years under the Geib and Cousy families, Camp Graylag closed in 1971. The property went out of camping use and was eventually subdivided. The present owner, Carl Wallman, purchased Graylag in 1994, and reassembled the 140-acre main camp area and renovated a number of the camp buildings for contemporary use while removing others. Three of the four dwellings now available for vacation rental were created from original Camp Graylag structures.